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Scene Stealer Users Report

Bill Johnson - Scene Stealer     You Can Lead a Horse to Water ... 

excerpt of article printed in TV TECHNOLOGY, April 20, 1998

Bill Johnson is supervisor of the Video Services section for the Metro-Dade Police Dept. in Miami, FL.   Bill has been working actively in television for about nine years -- the last nine years of a 23 year career with a major police organization. His department produces its own show for PBS called, "Behind the Silver Badge".  It has aired for six years.  

     ... Our facility is fortunate to have an Avid media Composer as our on-line editing system. The Scene Stealer and the Avid should be bundled software, because an Avid without a Scene Stealer is only half an Avid.  I also edit on a Media 100, and the statement is equally true.  I honestly believe that by integrating the Scene Stealer into your production flow, you can double the output of your non-linear suite.

     And the quality of your work will rise as well.   Just like non-linear lets you try things several ways, the Scene Stealer digitizes your material very economically to your hard drive, and lets the producer cut together the approval copy of the show on a PC. 

Review and approval of the actual TV show is possible before any of the material is ever taken in the non-linear room.

     And a storage saver! You bet! no material is digitized onto your non-linear system hard drives until it is time to cut the show.  And then only the footage you will actually be using, with very little excess footage required.  Let the Scene Stealer log your tape and pull the clips you want into the storyboard.  Play it back for approval, then take a floppy disk of your selections to the Avid or Media 100, and your bin is built automatically.  Batch digitize, and you're sailing...right into the creative part of the edit.

      I have lived through the non-linear explosion and watched the casualties. I have worked with experienced producers and new producers.