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September 21, 1998
Scene Stealer, Dubner's automatic scene detector, now features advanced transcription tools for marking phrases based on audio cues. The software has been enhanced during the initial video scene detection and audio grab process as well as in the playback and review phase.

While automatically marking and storing video cutpoint data, the Scene Stealer system also gives users the ability to insert phrase cutpoints on the fly. The new feature is called "reachback." The user defines a parameter for backtracking a set number of frames to insert a cut based on phrasing. The parameter accounts for the lag time between hearing and physically marking key points in the audio track without interrupting audio play. Fine tuning occurs during the playback phase. During playback, the operator can drag a marker along the optical soundtrack to an exact location for inserting a cutpoint.

Cutpoint timecodes are stored in EDL format, inserted into text boxes as part of a transcript, or stored in database files for quick retrieval.

Timecode data is tied to the video/audio file for accurate reporting. Standard cut and paste operations allow movement of picture and text data between word processing programs or scripts. EDLs, archival files, and transcripts are prepared entirely within Scene Stealer eliminating the need for monitor, tape deck or cassette.

Scene Stealer consists of a circuit board and software for Windows computers. The board has video frame grabber and scene detection circuitry. Audio is input via a sound card or internal sound system and synchronized to the video display.

Additional applications such as closed captioning and subtitling are enhanced by Scene Stealer's combination of video and audio operations. Dubner offers a software upgrade path for existing Scene Stealer systems.

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